You can find this information, about “Core CLIL features” in the next book:

Mehisto, P., Marsh, D. & Frigols, M.J. (2008). Uncovering CLIL. Oxford: Macmillan


Mutiple focus

  • Supporting content and language learning.
  • Integrating several subjetcs, also through cross-

    Mehisto, P., Marh, D. Frigols, M.J. (2008). Uncovering CLIL. Oxford: Macmillan

    curricular themes and projects.

  • Supporting reflection on the learning process.

Safe and enriching learning environment

  • Using routine activities and discourse.
  • Building ss confidence to experiment with language and content.
  • Increasing ss language awareness.


  • Letting ss ask for the language help they need.
  • Maximising the accomodation of ss interests.
  • Using current materials from the media and other sources.

Active learning

  • Ss communicating more than the teacher.
  • Ss evaluate progress in achieving learning outcomes.
  • Favouring peer co-operative work.


  • Building on ss’existing knowledge, skills, attitude and experience repacking information in user-friendly ways.
  • Repackaging information in user-friendly ways.
  • Responding to different learning styles.
  • Fostering creative and critical thinking.
  • Challenging students to take another step forward and not just coast in comfort.

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